July 22, 2017

14 Reasons PSG/Barca Tie ‘Must Be Replayed’

DENIZ Aytekin was slammed for his refereeing performance in Barcelona‘s 6-1 epic with Paris Saint-Germain but one fan has taken his criticism to the next level.

Luis Melendo has created a petition on Change.org with the aim of getting the Champions League clash replayed following 13 questionable decisions that were apparently made by Aytekin.

Remarkably, Melendo’s petition has already been signed by well over 69,000 people and this number is expected to increase rapidly in the coming days.

Aytekin’s questionable calls… according to the petition

  1. 2min: Offside goal by Luis Suarez
  2. 11min: Uncalled penalty on Javier Mascherano for handball inside the penalty area
  3. 23min: Gerard Pique not sent off
  4. 42min: What should have been a second yellow for Gerard Pique turned into Edinson Cavani being booked
  5. 45min: Three and a half minutes of added time
  6. 48min: Neymar penalty given after forward deliberately seeks contact
  7. 54min: Neymar simulates another penalty. No card was given
  8. 64min: Aggressive act by Neymar, should have seen red card
  9. 78min: Handball by Pique inside the box but not given
  10. 85min: Uncalled penalty on Mascherano for challenge on Angel Di Maria inside the area.
  11. 89min: Obvious dive by Suarez that won a penalty
  12. 90min: Five minutes of added time (or until Barcelona score!)
  13. 92min: Suarez deserved second yellow card for simulating penalty
  14. There is some speculation that Aytekin said ‘f*** you’ to a number of PSG’s stars during the round of 16 tie but these rumours are not confirmed.