August 19, 2017

Angry Shakira shuns Messi’s wedding

POP star Shakira will snub a fellow Wag’s wedding because of a long-term feud, it is claimed.

Her footballer boyfriend Gerard Pique’s best pal and Barcelona teammate Lionel Messi is to wed on June 24 and the 40-year-old singer was asked to be a guest.

But she and bride Antonella Roccuzzo are said to have always disliked each other as Antonella, 29, was friends with Pique’s previous girlfriend Nuria Tomás, before he started dating Shakira in 2010.

A source in Spain said: “Shakira declined the invitation, claiming scheduling difficulties.

“The disagreements between both seem insurmountable.”

Antonella was said to have shown her dislike for the Colombian star when she did not publicly acknowledge her birthday on social media last month.

The wedding will take place on June 24, on the FC Barcelona striker’s 30th birthday.

Shakira has two children, Milan, four, and Sasha, two, with World Cup winner Pique.

She previously told The Sun on Sunday: “I never knew I would be so proud to be a WAG.

“But I am one of them — and very happy about it.

“I go to as many of his games as possible and I wouldn’t miss the World Cup.”

She added: “There’s something about the mind of a footballer. [Gerard] has a totally different mindset to me.

“He always thinks about how everything he does will impact on his team. That’s very different to us megalomaniac artists!

“I’m my own boss, I don’t have a band and don’t have to report to anyone.

“I was also an only child. I’ve flown solo my whole life, and he has taught me so much about being a team player.”