August 17, 2017

The astonishing stats behind the best attacking trio in the world

Goodbye to the 'MSN'

With Neymar’s exit, one of the best strike forces ever comes to an end. The ‘MSN’ have shattered countless records, but without Neymar, Suarez and Messi are left on their own.

In three seasons together, Messi, Suarez and Neymar have scored 363 goals. If this figure is divided by the number of matches they have played together (108), they average a phenomenal 3.36 goals per fixture.

The ‘MSN’ have played together less than three seasons, for Suarez did not make his debut until October 2014 due to his suspension following the bite on Chiellini.

Since then, the ‘MSN’ formed a lethal attacking trio that, beyond the numbers, put together fantastical moves as they basked in an understanding never seen before in football. A strike force with no limits.

In their first year, they managed 122 goals, before reaching a record 131 in their second. Their final season together saw them score 110 goals, bringing the total to 363 goals and 173 assists.

Messi was the main contributor to the goalscoring statistic (58, 41 and 54 goals). Suarez followed (25, 59 and 36). Neymar, who racked up the assists in his final season, scored 39, 31 and 20.

Former Barca manager Luis Enrique’s role must not be underestimated, as he succeeded in blending both counterattacking football as well as a passing style his strikers were comfortable with. An unforgettable trio which is already part of history.