August 21, 2017

Bolt has become a research subject —Urhobo

Former Chief Coach of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN), Chief Toni Urhobo has said the exploits of Usain Bolt have made him subject of research.

Urhobo, made the remarks despite Bolt, being beaten in the 100m final at the ongoing IAAF World Championships by American Justin Gatlin (9.92secs) and Christian Coleman (9.94secs).

“I am certain he {Bolt} will continue to be under-studied as a research subject for years to come. I know he will endure as an inspiration and influencer for myriads of athletes from all over the world for generations to come.

“Still, I hail the great ‘Big Man’ [Bolt] who has thrilled us for over 12 years of scintillating performances on the track. He has been a beauty to watch. A true gladiator. He has re-defined the track game in many aspects and in many ways.

“I do hope he gets his hands on the 4×100m gold; the competition is stiff though. The Americans are running good times, and so, anything can happen,” said Urhobo.

The former AFN president noted that the undoing of the 11-time world champion, Bolt was his slow start in the 100m final.

“Watching his qualification into the semi-finals, I must say it was a struggle rarely seen from Bolt. We know he is not the quickest off the block, but he was unusually slow that time.

“In the finals, I must give it to [Justin] Gatlin for coming from behind to “snatch” that world’s gold. Although I was on Bolt’s corner and really wanted him to have a “golden send-off” but, my goodness, did you see the frequency of that “catch-up” run from Gatlin? It was mesmerising! Absolutely breathtaking!

“An obvious observation of Usain’s performance this year was that he was not in the best form he could have been even at this time of his career,” Urhobo said.

Meanwhile, Bolt, eight-time Olympic gold medallist who settled for the 100m bronze in a time of 9.95secs will have his valedictory race (4x100m) tomorrow at the London Stadium before he hangs up his spike shoes.