August 21, 2017

Chelsea in talks with Aubameyang

Aubameyang is negotiating with Chelsea.

The Dortmund striker is another one of Conte’s alternatives after Lukaku’s failed signing, with Morata still an option.

The exit Borussia Dortmund have set for Aubameyang’s exit is around £70 million, which is what Chelsea were prepared to pay for Lukaku.

As of now, Antonio Conte’s priority is Alvaro Morata, but Real Madrid aren’t making his departure easy, as they want £70 million for the Spaniard. The interest over the Gabon international makes Morata’s transfer all the more difficult.

A move for Aubameyang will also prove difficult for the Blues, as the striker has other offers on the table from PSG and Chinese clubs.

For now, Chelsea have taken the lead in negotiations. We shall see if Conte can finally count on Morata or Aubameyang next season…