August 21, 2017

The comparison between Messi and Neymar that doesn’t favour the Brazilian

Bartomeu compared the pair.

Neymar’s departure to PSG is still offering much to talk about. The Brazilian has been on the receiving end of criticism due to his controversial exit, and Barca chief Bartomeu did not hold back.

Speaking at the 38th World Congress of Penyes, Barcelona’s chairman sent many messages to Neymar. In one of them, he compared the new PSG man to Messi…

Of course, judging by Bartomeu’s words, the comparison with the Argentine¬†does not bode well for Neymar.

‘He is an example of fidelity and we look for players like that, with fidelity and loyalty’, Bartomeu said, referring to Messi.

Barcelona’s president pointed out Neymar’s unloyalty in leaving the Camp Nou for Paris. ‘Now we will talk about the team, not the trident’, he concluded firmly.