August 21, 2017

Defoe could not hold back the tears as he broke down at Bradley’s funeral

Emotional scenes at Bradley Lowery's funeral.

Jermain Defoe created a lasting bond with the young Sunderland fan who united the world of football with his smile and his bravery. The striker was with him till the very end, and he was there to say goodbye at his funeral.

The funeral was an apt tribute to Bradley Lowery and his heroic fight. There were superheroes, family and friends wearing Sunderland shirts with his name on the back and football outfits from all over the world which proved just what an inspiration Bradley had been.

Jermain Defoe attended wearing his England strip, after leaving Bouremouth’s training camp in the south of Spain to travel over 2000 kilometres, he was another face in the enormous crowd that turned up to pay homage to his ‘best mate’ Bradley.

During the ceremony, the footballer could not hold back the tears as he remembered his young friend. But, despite the tough times, his conscience can rest at ease. The footballer did everything for the young Sunderland fan from the beginning to the very end, showing a kinder side to football and making his struggle somewhat less arduous.