August 19, 2017

I’m going to create my own legend ―Musonda

Musonda looks to be set to move North

Chelsea midfielder Charly Musonda has talked about his development, as reports link him with a move to Celtic.

With reports continuing to link the midfielder with a move to Brendan Rodgers’ Celtic, 20-year-old Charly Musonda has opened up about his aims for the future and it is safe ot say he’s a confident lad.

“I was a late starter in my career. For example Eden Hazard was already in the first team when he was 16 and I was nowhere near that.” he explained.

Nevertheless, he was convinced that this late start would not hold him back, saying that “every phenomenon is different. So I’m oging to create my own legend. I only really started at 19 and I’m sure I’ll have a great career.”

The player insisted that he had no regrets over his move to Chelsea, despite getting very little first team experience since his move to the club: “I fell I have learned a lot at Chelsea and I am ready for any league in the world. I have never regretted signing for Chelsea” he insisted.

He concluded by assessing where he is at right now in his career, saying that “people ask me whether I should have done more in my career because I am not a teenager now. But with my style, the way I’ve grown and the level at which I wanted to break through, I knew that I would develop later than most… I’m very satisfied with my careers and my progress.”

Based on these comments, Celtic fans will certainly be looking forward to seeing what he can do should he complete a switch to Parkhead.