August 19, 2017

Luis Enrique: I wasn’t wrong at all with my tactics in Turin

Luis Enrique says could return as Barcelona boss.

DESPITE a horrendous performance against Juventus on Tuesday night, Barcelona coach Luis Enrique has refused to accept ;any of the blame for the humiliation.

He has already publicly singled three players out for particular criticism, hardly likely to endear him further to his staff.

“It is clear that I am the person most responsible [for the defeat],” he said to reporters at his pre-match press conference for the Real Sociedad game.

“But for the match in Turin, I was not at all wrong with my tactics.”Though the Catalans have an incredible home record against La Real, the Asturian is taking nothing for granted.

“Real are a team that when they have the ball, they know how to play,” he continued.

“They are a complex rival.” As ever, he called on the home support to make life difficult for both Sociedad and Juventus.

“There is a part of the Camp Nou that always encourages,” he said.

“They don’t whistle at the players, rather, they’ll wait until the end of the season.

“Putting a marker down for the final games of the season, Luis Enrique made it clear who the boss is.

“I am the coach and I decide everything,” he noted.

“If anyone has a problem, I’ll give them time in the dressing room and they can tell me to my face.”