August 21, 2017

Prison without bail for Spanish FA chief and his son

Villar will spend time in prison along with his son.

The Spanish state prosecution called for RFEF president Angel Maria Villar, his son, and two other detainees to be handed a prison sentence without bail.

Angel Maria Villar and his son Gorka have been sentenced to prison without bail, after Judge Santiago Pedraz accepted the requests made by prosecution lawyers Immaculada Violan and Esther Gonzalez.

The accused testified on Thursday after their arrest over alleged misappropriation of over 45 million euros from the Spanish football federation.

Tenerife federation president Juan Padron was also taken to prison, while financial secretary Ramon Hernandez Baussou was also sentenced to prison but with an option of bail of 100,000 euros.

Three of the detainees were denied bail after the Judge considered the crimes of improper management, falsifying documents, private corruption, misappropriation and possible asset stripping too serious, deeming Villar and his son flight risks.

After eluding conviction for many corruption charges against him, Villar (67), was arrested on Tuesday as part of the investigation which has been called ‘Operation Soule’.