August 17, 2017

PSG offer Di Maria to avoid paying taxes for Neymar

Barcelona could get Di Maria in exchange for Neymar.

Paris Saint-Germain are exploring every available option to avoid paying the corresponding taxes for Neymar’s transfer.

PSG are looking for the best plan to avoid paying the taxes involved in the signing of Barcelona striker Neymar, valued at 222 million euros.

The Parisian side would have to pay the £195 million to Neymar so that the player himself could then go to La Liga offices and pay the sum to free him from his contract.

However, the taxes that could be involved in the transaction would be huge, as the French tax office could class the £195m PSG would give Neymar as taxable income.

The Parisians want to avoid paying more than they have to and are prepared to offer Argentina international Angel Di Maria in exchange for the Brazilian star, and are also willing to offer Matuidi and Lucas Moura.

Barcelona, on the other hand, have no intention of sitting down to negotiate with the French side, who might be forced to simply pay the release clause.