August 17, 2017

Rising fees not a problem says PL Chairman

PL Chairman Richard Scudamore says clubs' spending is not a problem.

Premier League chairman Richard Scudamore has rebuffed claims that the rising transfer fees in English football could be damaging.

After questions were asked about Premier League spending following Romelu Lukaku and Kyle Walker’s big-money moves to Manchester United and Manchester City respectively, Scudamore has moved to quell fears that clubs are overspending.

“Well obviously, the more income the Premier League clubs generate – and this has always been the same since football began 150 years ago nearly – they have invested that money in trying to acquire better and better talent” he explained.

The 57-year-old used a transfer from years gone by to demonstrate that clubs were still spending within their means, despite the inflated figures.

“I don’t think we should get too carried away by necessary transfer fee inflation, I think (Zinedine) Zidane for £46m back in 2001.”

“In 2001 the Premier League’s turnover was about £460m, and so 10 per cent. If that were true today then transfer fees would be £300m and so we’re nowhere near that level,” he asserted.

“Clubs obviously spend because the most important thing is to have the talent on the pitch, the most important thing is to make sure that talent is brought together cohesively by a manager, and that’s what creates the excitement for the game – without that investment you really don’t have the show from which all else flows.”

It seems then that transfer fees will continue to rise and rise.