August 19, 2017

Tinder in talks with United over sponsorship deal

Manchester United are in talks with Tinder over sleeve sponsorship.

Popular dating app ‘Tinder’ has confirmed that it is interested in sponsoring Manchester United.

A recent rule change means that Premier League clubs may now have sleeve sponsors and Tinder has confirmed its interest in sponsoring Manchester United.

A spokesperson for the dating app said: ‘We are in talks with Manchester United to explore potential partnership opportunities. We are excited to see what we can do together.’

So far, no less than nine Premier League clubs have signed sleeve sponsorship deals, though it is believed that none come close to the £12m a year said to be on the table from Tinder.

The space on the left sleeve is said to be valued at 20% of the main sponsor’s value. With the aforementioned £12m coming in at just over 20% of the £50m that Chevrolet pay United for the privilege of being their main shirt sponsor.