January 29, 2023

Arsene Wenger: It is not my responsibility to decide who will be the next Arsenal manager

September 24, 2016
  • Arsene Wenger is currently in the final season of his Arsenal contract
  • Gunners boss says it’s the board’s responsibility to decide his successor
  • Wenger rates Thierry Henry, Tony Adams and Dennis Bergkamp as the best players he has coached. 

Despite entering the final season of his Arsenal contract, Arsene Wenger has no immediate plans to retire – but insists it will not be his responsibility to decide his successor.

The Gunners’ failure to win a Premier League title since 2004 has led to some supporters calling for Wenger to end his reign at the Emirates, but the Frenchman revealed he will continue as long as he believes he can do a ‘good job’.

Wenger, who was speaking ahead of Arsenal vs Chelsea, which is live on BT Sport  on Saturday evening, told a live Facebook session: ‘I don’t know (when I will retire) because I hope to never completely retire from football, because I still think when I watch a Premier League game on television I’m in football.

‘Retire? Never. As I’m involved in this game since I was a kid. Retire as in working? I don’t know. That depends on my health, on my age, on my capacity to think I can do a good job,’ he added.

When the time does arrive, however, the 66 year-old believes it will be the board’s responsibility to decide who the next Arsenal manager will be.

‘I will not give you any name because I believe it would put the guy under big pressure. But, mainly because I’m pragmatic and I do not think it is my job to chose the next manager.

‘My job is to perform for Arsenal and it’s the board’s responsibility to find the next manager. If they ask my opinion I would give it, but I wouldn’t like to come out publicly.’

After 20 years at the club, during which time he has won three Premier League titles and six FA Cups, Wenger rates the unbeaten ‘Invincibles’ season of 2003/04 as his finest achievement, although one that is ‘underrated’.

‘To be a complete season unbeaten (is the best moment) – because we are the only ones that have done it. We didn’t do it 40 years ago, we did it 10 years ago.

‘I believe it was a unique achievement that shows consistency, quality and attitude. People don’t realise how difficult it is to maintain the focus inside the club and the energy levels to always be at the top. I think that, personally, it is an underrated achievement.’

Finally, after being asked to decide who is the best player he has ever coached Wenger found it difficult to choose between three Arsenal legends.

‘It’s impossible to compare Tony Adams and Thierry Henry. Henry and Bergkamp were certainly the most glamorous and creative players because usually you rate more the quality going forward’.

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