April 23, 2019

Atletico Madrid drop huge Costa hint

August 1, 2017
Diego Costa left Atletico in 2014 but now wants to return

The Chelsea star is desperate to return to Simeone’s team and looks to have engineered a move back as the Spanish club make shock revelation.

Diego Costa has been left in the cold by Antonio Conte, and as the Spain international looks for a way back to Madrid, Atletico’s chief executive insisted Simeone’s side will make one more signing.

The La Liga outfit are currently serving a transfer ban, which means their first signing Vitolo will be loaned out to Las Palmas until he can play at Atletico in January.

A similar situation could happen to Diego Costa as Atletico Madrid chief executive Miguel Angel Marin explained: ‘The ban of registering players this summer market affects us in that the two players that we wanted to hire, because there were only two, will have to join us with five months of delay’.

The second player is most likely the Chelsea striker who will have to find a team to play for until January. The Atletico chief also defended the Argentine manager.

‘I always said that the decision to hire Diego (Simeone) and his decision to accept has been a great success for both sides’, he said.

‘It is a clear example of successful synergy, where both parts have grown equally. I am sure that we have ahead several more years of joint work, where we can all continue growing’.

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