October 7, 2022

Coleen Rooney slams trolls slating England captain husband Wayne Rooney

October 11, 2016

Wife of Manchester United man takes to Twitter to hit back at trolls for their abuse of her husband after England game

COLEEN ROONEY has sensationally hit out at critics on Twitter, roaring: We’re not plastic, he’s not plastic, we’re people.

The wife of England and Manchester United skipper Wayne kicked off proceedings by posting a message urging fans to leave her husband alone.

She wrote: “Love the way Anyone & Everyone has to have an Opinion. Lighten up, life is short, give people a break. Some forget others have feelings too.”

A host of Twitter users rose to the bait and started slamming both Wayne and Coleen – suggesting with their wealth they should be able to cope.

One user wrote: “When you can check your bank account every four weeks & have comfortably over £1 million in there, people have the right to judge.”

Coleen replied that money has nothing to with things, saying: “Not arsed about money so you can stop the sarcasm…

“You know when it’s constantly on the news which I don’t know why it still is today cause the press and FANs should be positive about there TEAM (not just one player) going into and preparing for the game tomorrow and you have a 6 year old son listening to them saying they booed their dad, it’s not nice and money does not enter my mind or his or anyone close to us!!

“It’s feelings that matter… We’re not plastic, he’s not plastic we are people.

“It was on the radio in the car before anyone goes onto say why is a 6 year old reading things”

While Coleen took her time to fashion replies, others were concise and to the point, slamming one user by simply replying: “Shut up you absolute idiot.”

After one user accused herself and Wayne of tax dodging, Coleen replied: “What do you know? You believe everything you believe? People are too quick to comment.”

In an attempt to downplay the situation, Coleen posted: “Rant over!! Just get wound up like everyone else sometimes. Have a nice day.”

However, fans weren’t letting it lie, as the needless abuse continued.

One cruelly claimed: “As deluded as her husband, absolutely comical to see”

Coleen hit back, saying: “It’s not just now it’s something that’s been happening for years mate… They always high light the worst.”

Another chimed in, saying: “Coleen you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself using your 6 yr old son to try & gain sympathy. Disgraceful.”

Coleen responded by claiming: “I don’t need sympathy, never have done and never asked for it!! I just want people to realise that you the people everyone is so quick to judge and slate are real people and have families with feeling aswell you and that’s what triggered me off to say something.”

Rather than just trolling for the sake of it, one user attempted to justify the abuse, saying: “Your man earns £300,000 PER WEEK for being a very average footballer but heaven forbid we have an opinion on that.”

Coleen took it in her stride, saying: “Am not saying you have no right to an opinion of course people who know what they are taking about do.”

Eventually, Coleen killed the back-and-forth for good, saying: “Entertaining afternoon chat!! School run now.”

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