March 29, 2023

COPA DEL REY: Authorities open investigation into alleged match-fixing

February 23, 2023

Spanish authorities opened an investigation Thursday into possible match-fixing in a Copa del Rey game two years ago.

The Spanish league said police are looking into the first-round match between Levante and Huracán Melilla, which Levante won 8-0.

The league said it received an anonymous tip about the possible match-fixing.

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Six people connected to Huracán have been questioned. No one from Levante was involved in the alleged irregularities, the league said.

Huracán said it will cooperate with authorities and punish anyone from the club if found guilty.

Levante said in its statement that it had nothing to do with the allegations.

Levante is a second-division club but was in the top league at the time. Huracán is currently in the fifth tier of Spanish soccer.

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