January 27, 2023

Cristiano Ronaldo sends message to Madrid before going on holiday

July 3, 2017
Cristiano Ronaldo earns £310,000 for each photo he posts on Instagram.

The Portuguese striker has finally broken silence and contacted the Spanish club before going on holiday, by sending an abrupt message.

As revealed by the Spanish TV program ‘Jugones’, Cristiano Ronaldo has sent the following message to Real Madrid: ‘I am going on holiday’.

Brief, simple and direct. The striker has done nothing to clear up his future, informing the club of his intentions to relax over the next few days without referring to the rumours relating to his future with the ‘Blancos’.

The message does carry many connotations for the Spanish champions. As it is, if Ronaldo really wanted to exit the club, just like the rumours claimed from the beginning, he would have met the Real Madrid directives as soon as possible.

CR7 will go on holidays making no statements about the merry-go-round which has taken hold of headlines in the first few weeks of the summer.

Something might have changed for the Portuguese striker, who was expected to make his declarations after the Confederations Cup. Real Madrid will have to continue to wait for the final resolution.



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