March 29, 2023

Despite limited playing time, Hazard wants to remain at Real Madrid

March 14, 2023
Hazard Real Madrid

Real Madrid winger Eden Hazard has expressed his desire to remain with the club for the upcoming season, despite having limited playing time in the current 2022/23 season.

The Belgian international has played only 98 minutes in La Liga and has not played since September, due to a combination of injuries and manager Carlo Ancelotti’s decision to use other players.

Hazard, who signed a €100m contract with the club in 2019, hopes to have more playing time in the future and believes he can still contribute to the team. He admits that in Ancelotti’s eyes, he may deserve less playing time than other players, but he remains committed to the team and wants to prove himself on the field.

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I want to play. I want to have fun on the field,” Hazard told RTBF.

“Training is good but what keeps us alive are the matches. I hope deep inside me that I can bring something and that the coach is still counting on me, I hope. We’ll see if I’m still going to play by the end of the season. I doubt a little. It’s up to me to show him in training that he can call on me.”

While admitting that doubts about his abilities are normal, Hazard is determined to stay at Real Madrid and prove himself to the team and fans. He believes that he can still bring something to the team and hopes to get more minutes on the field to prove it.

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While a transfer is not currently on his mind, he acknowledges that things can change in the future. Ultimately, his focus remains on playing and contributing to the team.

“I would like to stay. I have always said it,” he explained. “To hope to play on the pitch to prove that I can still play football. People have doubts, it’s normal. I understand very well. But for me, I’m still here next year. A transfer is not in order of the day. But you never know.

“I don’t know [what could change my mind]. The only thing I think about is playing. That’s why I don’t even think about leaving. Deep down inside, I think I can bring something. I feel it, that’s all. People, if I bring a little, they’ll trust me again. They might say to themselves that they made a mistake leaving me out. I just need minutes in the legs.

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