February 22, 2020

‘Diego Costa is trying to get himself sacked’

August 22, 2017
Diego costa
A former City man gives his opinion on Costa.

Diego Costa continues his tug-of-war with Antonio Conte and Chelsea, with a potential move to former club Atletico Madrid in his sights.

He never holds back and always comes up with extraordinary statements. Former Manchester City midfielder Joey Barton was questioned about Diego Costa’s situation at Chelsea, as the striker was supposed to be training with the reserves having not made peace with Conte.

Months have gone by since the Italian manager informed the Spain international he was surplus to requirements, and Barton believes the striker, who remains in exile, will do anything to get away from Stamford Bridge.

‘I think [Diego] Costa is trying to get himself sacked, that’s the reality of it’, he told TalkSPORT. ‘If he gets sacked that frees him to get the move he wants to Atletico Madrid. It’s wrong but this is what happens when you sign players from far-flung places, they’ve got no attachment’.

‘He’s never going to live in London, he’s going to go and live in Spain or Brazil, and he wants out. He thinks he’s been disrespectfully treated by Chelsea and Conte and the way they’ve handled it [the situation]’, Barton defended Costa.

‘Didn’t they tell him via text he’s not needed? He arguably won them the league last season, among other players, and he’s really disillusioned with Chelsea’s behaviour towards him’, Barton concluded.

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