June 10, 2023

We don’t want you here! · Rugby-mad community rejects Vardy

October 5, 2016

ENGLAND striker Jamie Vardy is buying a plush country mansion – but locals in the rugby-mad village aren’t best pleased.

The Leicester star has cashed in the modest house he bought when he was “a nobody” and upgraded to a swanky eight-bed in sleepy Lincolnshire countryside.

An offer of almost £2.5m has been accepted on the property which boasts an indoor pool, sauna, tennis court, gym, five bathrooms, five reception rooms and four acres of land.

Soon-to-be neighbours told The Sun that rugby was the main sport in the village and they weren’t sure Vardy would fit in.

One said: “We love rugby in this village and I’m not sure it’s the best fit for a high profile footballer.”

But other residents said they were looking forward to having new members of the community and revealed they had no problem with Vardy partying at his new house.

Local Adam Carter, a gas fitter said:  “There’s only 80 residents living here, many of us are rugby fans, but it will be interesting to have a footballer here.

“We’re all aware he’s moving in. He’s renowned for his footballing as much as his partying but it doesn’t bother us.

“The old owner had a few parties so we’re used to it and often heard them down the hill.”

A former owner of the farm house, who still lives in the village but declined to be named, said: “The original house has been extended and farm buildings changed and are so out of character which is a shame.

“The house is delightful and there’s a swimming pool and lots of land, as long as they don’t turn it into a football pitch.”

Planning documents show the current owner has applied to build a 7ft high wall all the way around the property, which pals said would appeal to Vardy’s bid for privacy.

The rags to riches goal poacher revealed his pre-match habit of drinking port in The Sun’s serialisation of his autobiography but will now be two miles from his nearest boozer.

His new local landlord said: “We’ve all heard about Jamie Vardy moving into the mansion in a nearby village and we’re thrilled. “

Marketing details for Vardy’s new house read: “A sensational house for buyers wanting to enjoy one of the finest houses in the region.”

A spokesman for Jamie Vardy confirmed the star was moving house and wanted “privacy.”

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