April 18, 2021

I asked her out 30 times

December 4, 2018

.Rakitic reveals how he wooed his wife

Barca star Ivan Rakitic relaxes on boat with wife Raquel Mauri

They say if you really want something, you will keep going for it until finally you get what you want.

And that was no different for Croatia’s Ivan Rakitic, 30, who really had to work the charm to finally earn a date with Raquel Mauri, 29.

“Whenever I saw her, it was like a bomb went off inside me” he wrote in his Players’ Tribune piece.

Ivan Rakitic with his wife Raquel Mauri

Week after week, I slowly started to learn some Spanish words, and if I was struggling, I would use my hands a lot to try to explain what I was trying to say to her.

“She thought that was funny. She was like, ‘Me … Jane. You … Tarzan.

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“I was drinking so much coffee it was ridiculous. I probably asked her out 20 or 30 times.”

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