March 28, 2023

Kevin Prince Boateng opens up on partying after failing to control fame and money before turning life around

September 25, 2016
PHOTO: The Sun

Former Tottenham and AC Milan midfielder shed some light on lavish lifestyle as he failed to cope with life as a footballer.

KEVIN PRINCE BOATENG who now plays for Las Palmas in Spain has opened up on his previous extravagant lifestyle.

The attacking midfielder explained how he had to change after realising the partying and wealth that comes along with being famous nearly ruined his career as a footballer.

But following this reality check, the 29-year-old shed light on the dramatic moment he turned his life around following a “big party”.

He said: “One day I woke up after a big party and I looked in the mirror and said to myself, it’s over.”

The Ghanaian international added: “I couldn’t manage money and fame, I had to learn how to do things on my own, I threw a lot of money around before I learned you had to save it.

“At Tottenham I received my money every month and just spent and spent and spent but I was alone.”

Boateng could see himself slipping into the abyss, where plenty of young footballers have spiralled out of control as they struggle to remain grounded as they rise to stardom.

He elaborated on his tough time: “The cars, clothes and clubs were what I spent money on, silly things that made me happy for a couple of hours but that would fade away when I wasn’t playing.”

But Boateng seems to have settled down now after getting married and he celebrated the occasion by slinging his stunning newly wedded wife in the sea.

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