June 10, 2023

LMC insists that League will go on

September 2, 2016

Fixtures of the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) will continue to hold as scheduled, according to a statement by the League Management Company (LMC) released Friday.

The LMC said it was among several other grounds, relying on the motion filed for stay of execution of Mr. Justice I.I Kunda’s latest order made in disregard of the notice of appeal filed against his first order.

The League body also stated in addition to the stay of execution filed, it has also filed a notice of appeal against the order of the Plateau State High Court, Jos stopping matches of the NPFL until full compliance with the earlier interim order of the Court directing the reinstatement of Giwa FC to the League and rescheduling of matches for the club.

It also raised the question on how the Judge found an urgency in fact as required by law to make the first interim order ex-parte three months after Giwa FC was expelled from the League under the League Rules, for failing to play three consecutive matches.

But the LMC’s position also is that the narrow and singular interest of the said Abubakar cannot override that of millions of fans of the other 19 NPFL Clubs, corporate partners of the League, the players and myriad other interests that are attached directly and tangential to the League.

“We cannot accept that these multifarious and incalculable interests can be held to ransom and subjected to the whim of an individual with no connection, whatsoever, with the operation of the League”, the LMC continued on why the league cannot be stopped.

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