June 22, 2021

‘If they offered me Messi, I wouldn’t sign him’

July 20, 2017
Rosario Central do not want Messi to play for them.

Most clubs would accept Leo Messi’s services in a heartbeat, but this club president would turn down an offer for the Barca man to play in his team.

The rivalry between Rosario Central and Newell’s in the Argentine top division is one of the most intense clashes on the planet. The clubs’ presidents have tried to control the episodes of violence in recent times, but they do not lose sight of their colours.

Rosario Central chief Raul Broglia returned to the limelight in the South American country after revealing he would reject Marcelo Bielsa and Leo Messi, two legendary figures of their rivals Newell’s.

‘If they offered me Bielsa or Messi, I would say no. People would not accept them and they would never come, it’s clear’, he stated on the program ‘Perros de la Calle’.

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