January 17, 2021

Ramos fires dig at Raheem Sterling

October 17, 2018
Raheem Sterling

Sergio Ramos has fired a dig at Raheem Sterling after the Real Madrid captain was accused of stamping on the Manchester City winger during Spain’s defeat to England on Mnday evening.

Ramos was already on the receiving end of a crunching tackle from Eric Dier early in the match but in the second half, the Madrid centre-back appeared to get away with standing on Sterling’s foot during a brief clash.

Television replays appeared to show Ramos walk up to Sterling, who was already on the ground, and momentarily stand on the City winger before moving away.

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But Ramos has managed to find himself a different camera angle which shows Sterling clutching his foot in pain even before the Spain captain came close to him.

Ramos postage the footage on Twitter with the accompanying caption: “Nothing else to say.”

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