June 4, 2020

Ronaldo could face a five-year prison sentence

May 25, 2017
The Real Madrid forward will have to stand in court.

FOLLOWING the information revealed by ‘Football Leaks’, officials from the Spanish Ministry of Finance (GESTHA) revealed the potential jail time the player could face.

Due to the alleged evasion of 15 million euros in taxes, Spanish authorities are set to open an investigation into Cristiano Ronaldo’s finacial activities. The Tax Agency strongly believe there has been some form of deceit from the Portuguese player, and have already sent a report to the public presecutor in Madrid.

The case will be taken to court before the 30th of June, and the Real Madrid striker will not have it easy, as revealed by Ministry of Finance officials.

In case of a resolution through the administrative channel, Ronaldo would have to pay a large fine. If it is resolved through the penal system, the player could be handed a prison sentence that could go from 15 months up to five years, as estimated by GESTHA.

Several mitigating factors could play a part, such as the player recognising the crime and paying his debt as well as a huge fine. This could see his sentence reduced to 15 months, which would result in no jail time due to the lack of prior convictions.



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