February 22, 2020

Ruiz will beat Joshua again ―De La Hoya

September 13, 2019
Andy Ruiz Jr (left) with Anthony Joshua

Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya has given his thoughts on the upcoming Andy Ruiz against Anthony Joshua rematch and says the bout will play out the same way in Saudi Arabia.

“I think we’re gonna have the same result. I think Andy Ruiz probably has his number, the fact that I think Ruiz is gonna get better. He’s gonna get faster, probably stronger. I don’t think Anthony Joshua is gonna correct anything. I mean, he’s been fighting the same way for all these years, so as a fighter it doesn’t make me think that he can maybe change things.

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On that fight being staged in Saudi Arabia, De La Hoya said: “Absolutely. I mean if the opportunity presented itself with a Canelo or with any world champion that we have, then why not? I think they’ve proved it that it can be safe, they’ve been there and held press conferences and they’ve held other events like the WWE, I believe the UFC, so yeah, we have no problem.”




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