August 19, 2017

Juventus want €120 million for Neymar replacement Dybala

Juventus have put a price on Dybala.

Neymar’s imminent move to Paris Saint-Germain could initiate a well-known domino effect, which is why clubs work to have their backs covered.

For that reason, the directives at Juventus have got to work on their star striker Paulo Dybala, whose future could lie far from Turin after this summer.

Barcelona have been following the Argentine over the past few months and Neymar’s almost definite departure could see them pounce to bring the 23-year-old to the Camp Nou.

As reported by ‘La Reppublica’, Juventus have valued their player at €120 million, an amount more than attainable for the Catalan club when taking into account the €222 million on Neymar’s release clause.

Juventus are aware of Barcelona’s plans and they also want to benefit from the domino effect which could take place among Europe’s top clubs after Neymar’s move to Paris.