April 23, 2019

Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger: England job should go to an English manager

October 7, 2016

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says there has been no contact from the Football Association over the England job, which he believes would be best filled by an English manager.

Wenger, who turns 67 at the end of October, is in the final year of his current Arsenal contract, having earlier this month marked 20 years in the job.

Before the international break, Wenger said he could ”one day” manage England if he had no club commitments, although he has since told beIN Sports he has yet to hear from anyone at the FA over the vacancy.

“There has been no contact,” he said. “There is nothing really to add. Personally I want England to do well.”

Wenger stressed he felt the role would be best served by a home-grown coach, with under-21s boss Gareth Southgate having taken up the job on an interim basis.

“It is very important [that the manager is an Englishman], I have always said that,” the Gunners boss added. “A country like England, with a huge football passion, and as well the structure of the national team, [it] looks to me [that it] demands a guy from your own nation as the leader.

“If you think that tomorrow you are the coach of France and you play against England, when the national anthem is played of England, you cannot sing it and you cannot sing as well the anthem of the team you are leading. It looks to me a bit strange. That is why I like what is logical. I think it is better [to have an Englishman].”

Wenger had previously been linked with the England job earlier in his career.

He added: “It is quite simple. My first priority was always Arsenal. The second thing I would have considered was to stay in England. It would be difficult for me to manage another English team, and so the second possibility would have been England, but my priority was always my club.”

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