June 10, 2023

Arsene Wenger: Arsenal will not necessarily be my last job in club management

October 13, 2016

Arsene Wenger has insisted that Arsenal will not necessarily be his last job in management.

The French tactician has been at the club for 20 years and believes he is currently doing a good job and leading them in the right direction.

However, Wenger admitted that if he felt he had failed at Arsenal, he would have no issue with stepping aside at the end of the season.

But he is not planning on giving up management any time soon and would move on to another job if he left The Gunners.

‘Look, I think I’m moving the club forward and the way it’s managed forward,’ he told beIN Sports.

‘What will decide me to continue is the fact that I feel people want me still to be there. That my club still wants me to be there and my conscience that I’ve done well or not well.

‘That will be the decisive factor – have I done well? Have we achieved what I wanted to with this team?

‘I think about me purely as a manager, I like what I do. Will I do something else one day? I don’t know.

‘I’m not at the end of my knowledge and not at the end of my desire to do more and to become better.

‘My only thing that drives me on is I want to be a better manager tomorrow than today.

‘And as long as I have that, I don’t want to stop my career.

‘So even if I don’t feel I do well, I will manage somewhere else, maybe.’

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