October 7, 2022

Chris Coleman does not know reason behind Wales’ ridiculous team photos but says he will ‘get to the bottom of it

October 13, 2016
  • Wales have garnered a reputation for taking ludicrous team photos
  • Even Chris Coleman does not know why his players line up bizarrely
  • Coleman asked Neil Taylor about the photos but did not get an explanation
  • The Wales boss will want his players to take clash against Serbia seriously 

Chris Coleman has his Wales team well organised during matches, but even he cannot explain his squad’s bizarre formations during their team photos.

Wales have garnered a reputation for their fluid line-ups during their pre-match snaps, with their most recent effort ahead of their 1-1 draw against Georgia the latest in a long line of amusing photos.

When asked about Wales’ quirky habit, Coleman revealed that he is just as dumbfounded as the rest of the footballing world.

‘Our guys are doing what they want. It’s not the prettiest but they are doing what they want.’ Coleman told Gabby Logan on The Premier League Show.

coleman‘The first time it really came to my attention was in the last camp. I asked Neil Taylor, but he didn’t really give anything up. He just said they have been doing it for some time.

‘I still don’t know the reason for it and I see it all over the internet now where there’s all sorts of formations going on. I don’t know if I’m honest, I’ll try and get to the bottom of it.’

Wales’ mischief when snapped has been going on for almost a decade but while the Dragons approach their picture duties in light-hearted fashion, their recent draw against Georgia was no laughing matter.

Coleman’s men took the lead through Gareth Bale on Sunday but were pegged back in the second half and were perhaps lucky to escape the clash against the Georgians with a point.

The European Championship semi-finalists will hope that they can get back to winning ways when they host Serbia in November.


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