October 7, 2022

Cristiano Ronaldo becomes fan of famous twerker Lexy Panterra on Instagram.. in a bid to learn exciting new moves

October 1, 2016

Real Madrid star linked to ex-Miss Spain Desire Cordero and model Cristina Buccino eyes dancer with 1.7million followers.

Now he is actively eyeing America’s wiggling wonder Panterra, who also has 180,000 followers on Facebook, 50,000 on Twitter and 70,000 on vine.

ronaldo-followEuro 2016 winner Ronaldo. 31, is currently being linked romantically with both Italian model Cristina Buccino and ex-Miss Spain Desire Cordero.

And Portugal’s ex-Manchester United frontman is also always happy to learn new moves from the dancing world to show his Bernabeu team-mates.

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