June 22, 2021

‘The first time I saw Ronaldo, we ended up fighting’

July 5, 2017
Marcelo and Ronaldo are very good friends.

Cristiano Ronaldo has had his share of controversy with many, even with the man who is probably his best friend in the world of football.

Marcelo appeared on Brazilian television to analyse some of the topics currently surrounding Real Madrid. The subject of Cristiano Ronaldo and the rumours of his exit was not to be avoided and the Brazilian left-back was quite honest.

‘It does not worry me, because there are many things published by the press that aren’t true which is why I don’t understand why I ought to be concerned. He knows what is best for himself. As a friend, not only as a teammate, the decision he makes this year, next year or in a decade, I will be there to support him’, he stated.

‘The first time I saw Ronaldo we ended up fighting in an international fixture. But we have a very good relationship, not only on the pitch, also off it. He is a great professional, he also helps his teammates very much, and he is happy when a teammate scores or provides an assist’, the Brazilian confirmed.

He also spoke about Vinicius Jr, one of Real Madrid’s signings this summer. ‘He has a huge life ahead of him, he has a lot of time to learn, he is going to win many things, and also going to lose others. Now he must gather experience’.



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