January 22, 2021

Only God can save Cameroon from our hands ―Flamingos

February 13, 2018

Bala Nikyu, coach of Flamingos says only God can save Cameroon from their hands when they clash in the return final leg of the U-17 World Cup qualifiers in Yaounde on Saturday.

Nigeria’s U-17 female team, played hosts and shared 2-2 spoils with their foes in the first leg at the Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium, Benin on February 3.

Meanwhile Nikyu told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Monday that the team had played better than their opponents, but would step up their performance level.

“This not the first time this thing is happening. I think last two years or so, we had the same experience with South Africa.

“We played 1-1 in Nigeria and went to South Africa and beat them, so nothing will stop us from beating Cameroon.

“If the girls’ had played badly, that would have given me concern but they played well and we are trying to see that we step up their performance before the time.

“What helped us most in the match was that our fitness level was far better than the Cameroonians, they were just big.

“We have seen them; we have known that apart from the physical aspect of the game, they do not have any other thing to offer.

“Technically they are not fantastic at all, the only person that can save them now is God, apart from that, I do not think they have anything to offer again.”

The sixth edition of the tournament is from November 13 to December 1.

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