December 4, 2022

Guardiola ‘embarrassed’ in photoshoot

October 7, 2016

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola and women’s striker Toni Duggan shared an awkward moment when they turned up to a photoshoot dressed the same.

Duggan took to Instagram to let fans know of the wardrobe malfunction, captioning the photo: ‘When you turn up for a Photoshoot dressed the same as the affa…#AllBlackEverything #PepKnows’.

Guardiola and Duggan clearly forgot to communicate about their clothing arrangements when they woke up as they are both seen wearing a long black top and black trousers.

While Duggan appears to be amused by the clothing situation, Guardiola is clearly not impressed and is seen staring the City striker down with a blank face.

This rookie mistake comes after Guardiola’s City were beaten for the first time this season on Sunday at White Hart Lane. This isn’t the way to lift the spirits of the Spanish manager.

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