March 23, 2023

Guardiola tells Man City stars to behave like adults after Kyle Walker incident

March 11, 2023
Kyle Walker

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has called on his players, including Kyle Walker, to behave like adults off the field, but stressed that he should not have to monitor their off-duty activities like a strict parent.

Guardiola did not publicly comment on Walker’s behavior in a bar that recently resulted in negative headlines, but confirmed that the issue had been dealt with internally.

The England international was captured on CCTV footage, released by The Sun, appearing to pull down his trousers while at a venue with friends.

The newspaper alleged that Walker indecently exposed himself, and Cheshire Police is currently investigating the matter.

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Guardiola offered his support to Walker, stating that he was available for selection in their upcoming game against Crystal Palace. He also noted that private life outside of the home no longer exists for public figures, and everyone is exposed to scrutiny 24 hours a day.

“We have to adapt to the reality,” Guardiola said at a press conference.

“Everybody knows it, and today they are exposed 24 hours for everything. Private life doesn’t exist anymore out of their home.”

Guardiola refused to comment on whether he had spoken to Walker about his responsibilities as a professional athlete but emphasized that he is there to support his players in both good and bad times.

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Guardiola acknowledged that players are aware of the current reality of being in the public eye, and they must adapt accordingly. He urged his players to be responsible adults and reminded them that the club is always there to support them in any personal issues.

Guardiola added that he is not a father figure to his players, but rather a friend who can offer guidance and support when needed.

In conclusion, Guardiola stressed the importance of adapting to the reality of living in the public eye, particularly for high-profile athletes.

He emphasized the need for players to take responsibility for their actions and behavior, both on and off the field.

While Guardiola acknowledged that he is not responsible for monitoring his players’ off-duty activities, he offered his support to his team and urged them to seek help whenever necessary.

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