May 27, 2020

Jose Mourinho claims Arsene Wenger has been a failure for 14 years at Arsenal

November 21, 2016

Jose Mourinho has mocked Arsene Wenger once again after claiming that the Arsenal manager has failed to build a title-winning team in 14 years.

The Gunners boss last won the Premier League in 2004, although he has guided his side to success in the FA Cup on three occasions since then.

Before Manchester United’s 1-1 draw with Arsenal on Saturday, Mourinho hit out at Wenger by claiming that the Arsenal manager unfairly gets more respect than him.

And after the match, the United manager took another swipe at his long-time rival.
‘I said yesterday at the press conference. The Arsenal manager hasn’t won a championship in 14 years. I haven’t won a championship in 18 months,’ Mourinho told ESPN Brasil.

‘He, in 14 years, failed to build a team to be champion. I’ve been here for four months. And the demand is only for me and not for others.’

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