July 4, 2020

Lobi declare war on Pillars

January 18, 2017
3SC striker, Waheed Afolabi (right) trying to dribble pass Lobi Star’s defender, Agbaji Anthony dur-ing the Matchday 1 played atthe Lekan Salami stadium, Ibadan. PHOTO: OLAWALE OLANIYAN.

After losing to Shooting Stars Sports Club (3SC) last Sunday in Ibadan, Lobi Stars’ Team Manager, Barnabas Imenger, has declared war on the field of play against Kano Pillars.

Both sides clash today in a Match Day 2 fixture of the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) at the Aper Aku Stadium, Makurdi.

The former international said Lobi Stars are not scared of Pillars’ star-studded team, adding that his men can’t afford to lose two matches in a row.

“We worked so hard during the pre-season and we have put in place a good squad that can deliver the goods. I believe we will start well at home against Kano Pillars and we will not allow this defeat to affect the morale of our players.

“First home game is always full of tension more so that we lost the first game of the season at away. So, we have to do everything humanly possible to beat Pillars and give our fans some respite. We need to give them that confidence that we are good and can meet their expectations. We lost to Pillars last season and we have to go for a revenge this time,” Imenger said.

“Pillars have good players and we also have good legs that can merge them grit for grit. They have Kadiri Ikhana who is one of the best indigenous coaches in Nigeria today, highly technical coach and we equally have one the best coaches too, Godwin Uwua.

“I strongly believe that we will carry the day as the match is going to be decided on the bench. Tactics would separate both of them that is my stake. I believe we will be at the top by mid-season because that is our target and we have what it takes to achieve this,” the former El-Kanemi Warriors striker said.

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