June 10, 2023

Mmadu brands NNL with Watty Energy drink

October 19, 2016

Former Super Falcons World Cup star, Maureen Madu, has decided to give back to the Nigerian society which gave her the opportunity of becoming an international soccer star and also coach of a European women’s football team, Avaldsnes FC of Norway.

The former Princess Jegede Babes FC of Lagos star is using a Norway-based sports drink, Watty Energy drink, of which she is a brand ambassador to reach back to the society. The drink with low calorie has stormed the Nigerian market.

The former Falcons star noted that the Watty Energy drink is also being used as a way of giving back to the Nigerian society that gave her the opportunity to blossom as an international soccer star.

The energy drink is at the moment the official drink of the Nigerian second tier football league, the Nigerian Nation-Wide League.

The additional sponsorship package is the Most Valuable Player’s Awards for players in the league instituted by Mmadu, where a cash award of N50,000 was presented to winners after matches during the NNL league season in various designated venues across the country.

This started in the just ended season and it would continue next season.

It tastes very good and the name Watty means the maximum power in you. So, it brings out your maximum power when you drink it. Anytime you need maximum power, just take it and you will feel the difference. It’s real and energising,” the veteran player said.

Mmadu, who won four African Women’s Championship titles with Nigeria, said that gradually, the Watty Energy drink is spreading across the country following its official launching in Port-Harcourt, Onitsha and Lagos (Trade Fair complex), with the next stop being Abuja.

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