March 30, 2020

My time almost up at Barca ―Suarez

November 14, 2019
Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez has admitted his time with Barcelona will soon be up as the Catalan giants continue to be linked with replacements.

Suarez is into his sixth season with the club following his switch from English Premier League side Liverpool back in 2014, but the clock is now ticking.

He may have scored 137 goals in 173 appearances for Barca, but he will turn 33 in January and there is a chance this could be his last season at the Nou Camp.

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The demands of playing for a club like Barcelona are starting to take its toll and Suarez says it is no surprise that Barca is looking around for younger blood.

One such player is Inter Milan striker Lautaro Martinez, who at the age of 22 has many good years ahead of him, and would be the perfect signing.

“The demands at Barcelona are immense,” Suarez said. “Every three days you have to have a test, there is no rest, and you are not forgiven if you have even just one bad game.

“It is not easy to play at a club like Barcelona, to adapt and win your place. I have to respect that I have spent five years at the club dealing with this pressure and always trying to respond in the right manner.”

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Suarez is not ready to throw in the towel just yet, and as long as his legs are still strong, he will continue to battle for his shirt.

“If the club is looking for, or wish to bring in another number nine, it would not be strange, it is the reality of football,” he added. “A time will arrive when my age will not allow me to play at the level Barcelona require, but while I can, and while I have the strength to compete, I will.”

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