August 13, 2022

No action for Cagliari over Kean abuse

May 15, 2019
Moise Kean

Serie A will take no action against Cagliari over the racist chanting towards Juventus players Moise Kean and Blaise Matuidi during their match in April.

The league’s disciplinary panel acknowledged there were chants, which it described as “certainly reprehensible” but said they had “limited” relevance and perception.

“No sanction will be applied to Cagliari,” it said.

The match took place on April 2 but the tribunal had postponed a decision to obtain more information from match delegates.

Kean, who had been jeered throughout the game, stood in front of the Cagliari fans behind the goal and opened his arms after scoring Juve’s second in their 2-0 win near the end of the match.

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In response, Cagliari supporters made the noise described by Italian media as ‘buu’ and regarded as a racist insult in Italian football, although some fans argue it is simply to annoy opposing players regardless of race.

Monkey noises could also be heard among the crowd.

Shortly after the goal, Juve’s France midfielder, Matuidi protested furiously to the referee.

Italian football has been plagued by racism and authorities have been criticised for not taking strong enough action with anti-racism organisation Kick It Out taking to Twitter to condemn the decision as “Embarrassing. Pathetic. Disgraceful.”

Kean himself has already been fined 2,000 euros for diving during the game.

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