October 24, 2020

Ronaldo ‘would beat Messi in a fight’

September 12, 2017
Ronaldo 'would beat Messi in a fight'
Joshua believes Ronaldo is in better physical condition than Messi.

According to one of the world’s best boxers, Cristiano Ronaldo would beat Lionel Messi in a fight because of the Real Madrid superstar’s superior physical condition.

Ronaldo and Messi have been breaking football records for the best part of a decade, but who would have the edge in the boxing ring? Anthony Joshua has had his say…

The world heavyweight champion told Youtube channel ‘COPA90’: ‘Messi’s got that ruggedness but Ronaldo looks like he’s got the Bruce Lee – bang!

‘You know what I mean, just stand there and lick you with one hook and you’re finished. Messi seems a bit more like his name… messy and rugged.’

Joshua also spoke of his admiration for Ronaldo, saying, ‘I’ve been pro now for three years, and I think early on I was trying to do everything because with boxing I come into the game as a professional.’

‘Remember I haven’t had much background, so I had to present myself to the world – so for the first three years I was managing, managing, marketing and marketing.

‘But now I’m at a stage where I’ve just said I’ve done that, now I want to focus on being the best boxer then I get the inspiration from Ronaldo.

‘It’s just little things. He would train by himself afterwards to work on what he wanted to work on.

‘I was speaking to [Ronaldo’s former Manchester United team-mate Rio] Ferdinand who said he was the only one in the team back then who had masseuses, nutritionists, psychologists, so he had that desire.’

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