January 19, 2021

Verratti tells PSG he will not return to training with the first team

July 3, 2017
Verratti has told the club he will not play at the Parc des Princes

Marco Verratti is trying to force his way out of Paris Saint-Germain in order to join Barcelona. To do so, the Italian midfielder has decided to rebel against the French side.

According to Spanish daily ‘Sport’, the player has returned to Paris after enjoying his holidays and he will get to talking with the club in the following days. His return to training was expected on Friday, but the midfielder has told the Parisian side he will not return as expected.

Marco will train again at the end of the present week, but he will do it alone. The Barca target will work out in the gym to recover after his holidays, so he will not participate in the team’s first training sessions.

The Italian has confirmed his decision to revolt against PSG, though his acting out is not comparable to Gareth Bale’s at Spurs. The Welshman refused to go to Tottenham’s training facilities and did not train at all.

With this, Marco Verratti’s intention is to put more pressure on the club, who are more aware of his departure with every passing day. He does so without making a physical sacrifice; a lack of training would see him miss the pre-season, regardless of his final destination, PSG or Barcelona.

The first step has been taken, Verratti has decided he will not play for PSG again and his only thoughts for the future involve Barcelona. The only thing missing is for both clubs to continue negotiations, while the player works to be in good physical condition.



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