June 4, 2020

AFN-athletes relationship not inspiring —Ogunlewe

October 8, 2016

Nigeria’s reigning 100m champion, Seye Ogunlewe, has decried the relationship between the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) and athletes, saying it leaves much to be desired.

Ogunlewe, while speaking on a television sports programme on Channels TV, said he and his colleagues need to be motivated in order to bring out their best at any major championship.

“The relationship is not as good as what it is supposed to be. For me, I will like somebody (from AFN) to call and ask me how am I doing in my base? No one cares to call me.

“I used to receive telephone call from the AFN maybe once a year and that is when they want to find out that ‘are you coming for the trials?’ But this should go beyond that, motivation is not all about money, why no find out from us ‘how can we assist you, call Ese (Brume), call others and know how they are doing in their various bases.

“Hopefully, the AFN will start to do this. The country can get the best out of us if we are well motivated. You have to plan before you can win a medal. I don’t need to tell you that I have to pay my coach physiotherapist and nutritionist,” said the sprinter who finished with 10.26 seconds at the just-ended Rio Olympics.

Ogunlewe with a personal best of 10.12 seconds, however, defended his dismal performance in Rio.

“I’m extremely disappointed. I don’t like giving excuses but it was unfortunate that during my race, we had a minus wind factor. If it had been a plus wind factor, it would have been helpful and I would have semi-final in the 100m. I was well prepared for the Olympics as an individual.”

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