May 29, 2023

Argentine World Cup star Gonzalo Montiel accused of sexual abuse

April 2, 2023

An allegation of aggravated sexual abuse has been made against Argentine footballer Gonzalo Montiel, who scored the winning penalty in the 2022 World Cup final shootout against France.

The victim’s lawyer, Raquel Hermida, said that the alleged abuse took place during Montiel’s birthday party on January 1, 2019, and involved “sexual abuse with penetration aggravated by a group of people” in the player’s house.

Montiel sexual abuse

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The original complaint was filed in the La Matanza municipality, where the abuse reportedly took place, and is now being expanded due to alleged threats from Montiel’s entourage including his mother.

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The victim is a model who had a brief relationship with Montiel and was invited to his party where she was allegedly drugged and assaulted.

Montiel, who played for the Argentine club River Plate from 2016 to 2021 and has since moved to Spain’s Sevilla, has not commented on the allegations.

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