August 21, 2019

Chelsea defender Gary Cahill reveals he has battled gallbladder condition his entire career

April 26, 2017
Chelsea back where they belong ―Cahill
Cahill has missed Chelsea's last three games through suspension.

GARY Cahill has revealed he’s been forced to contend with a painful gallbladder problem throughout his career.

The Chelsea defender missed last weekend’s FA Cup semi-final win over Tottenham after spending a night in hospital with the recurrent problem.

But he returned to the starting XI on Tuesday night, scoring in the crucial 4-2 win over Southampton that helped the Blues take a huge step toward the title.

And Cahill has disclosed for the first time that he has battled against the ailment since childhood.

‘I was in (hospital) for one night; I had a viral infection, a problem with my gallbladder,’ said Cahill.

‘It was causing me a lot of pain and that’s why we went to check it all out. They kept me overnight to keep an eye on everything. ‘Thankfully I got rid of the pain and everything, and recovered, but it was just too late (to make the semi-final).

I’d not trained one minute, I’d not eaten anything and I’d lost a bit of weight. ‘It was obviously not ideal me going into the game. I was disappointed with that, but I’m happy I’m over that now and am back out on the pitch.

Cahill (right) celebrates with Cesc Fabregas as his team took a big step towards the title

‘It’s something I’ve had since I was small. I have been aware of it and it is just a matter of keeping an eye on it. The worst thing at the time was if they had to take it out or whatever and that would have obviously set me back for the season.

‘I was happy that wasn’t the case. It’s just a matter of keeping an eye on it and monitoring it.

‘There have been times when I knew it was going to come on and I’d take some strong painkillers for it. If you get it in midweek, it tends to be okay.

‘But a night before a game is not ideal because you can be up all night and that’s not great. But it was this on top of the viral infection, so when I was in there they tested my blood and wanted to keep me in.’






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