May 18, 2021

CR7’s yacht boarded by Customs Tax Agency

July 12, 2017
Cristiano Ronaldo's yacht searched by Customs officers.

As informed by Spanish outlet ‘Hola’, agents of the Spanish Customs Tax Agency embarked upon Cristiano Ronaldo’s private yacht where the Real Madrid star was holidaying with his family.

More trouble for Ronaldo and again with the Tax Office, but in this case the Customs agency. The officers boarded the Portuguese star’s yacht as he was spending time with his family and friends.

They were aboard the boat for around half an hour, during which time Cristiano never lost his cool, as reported by ‘Hola’.

This all took place when Ronaldo and his party were returning from Formentera after lunch. That is when the agents closed in on the Portuguese captain’s yacht and began the search.

Following this, the Customs officers disembarked the boat and the reasons behind the inspection are still unknown.



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