December 10, 2022

‘Dudu Heritage’s death, a big loss to golf -IGC chiefs

September 19, 2021
Mr Ola Ibrionke a.k.a Dudu Heritage

Second vice captain of Ibadan Golf Club (IGC), Mr Tunji Oladosu, has described the death of Mr Ola Ibrionke a.k.a. Dudu Heritage as a big loss to the club and Nigeria golfing circle at large.

Ibironke, who until his death was the Captain of IGC died at 59 last Sunday at the club’s arena.

Speaking at the residence of the late Ibironke, he said: “the untimely death of my captain is a great shock. I’m here and even yet to come to terms with it. It’s just like a film trick. I still don’t believe he’s not coming back because this kind of death is unexpected and very untimely. It’s still very shocking to me.

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“Ibironke was a very pleasant person to work with, I never had any issues or argument with him and we were very accommodating and loyal to each other. We had no conflict or whatsoever, we had so many things in store and one of it is the Captains Tournament we were supposed to have this weekend. Last night we still had a meeting about the tournament and we were supposed to have another meeting this evening on the competition.

“After the meeting, we agreed to just relax upstairs [at the pavilion] before the incident happened. I was with him when it happened, in my presence just came like that death took him away. Death where is thee sting? We thank God we had passed off in the life beyond to go and rest in the blossom of Lord. That’s the only comfort that I have, I don’t know how we would cope with all the projects we have ahead.

” I just pray that God will comfort us especially the Ibadan Golf Club family as well as his immediate family and also his extended family and the entire golfing community because this is a great shock to us,” he said.

Meanwhile, Secretary of IGC, Mr Seyi Alaba, said the death of Ibironke came as a rude shock saying he’s going to be greatly missed.

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“His death is unbelievable by all of us at IGC, it is too much for us to bear but who are we to question God?

“He’s going to be greatly missed not only at IGC but in the golfing world,” Alaba said.

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