July 10, 2020

Federer, Serena rated sport’s greatest

October 4, 2019
Serena Williams

Basketball star JJ Redick, believes tennis duo of Roger Federer and Serena Williams are the greatest sport stars of all time.

Redick said: “I appreciate greatness in any sport and you are talking about the two of the greatest athletes ever, regardless of sport and the other thing with them is they have been able to sustain excellence well into their 30s, it’s amazing, and this summer, Roger and Serena are 38, so hopefully I am playing at a high level like them and in two or three years it’s really remarkable what they have done.

They are the two greatest players and they are all playing in the same era. Really in no other sport have you ever seen that before, you have not seen that in basketball surely, I mean LeBron James and Michael Jordan didn’t cross paths at all.

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So it’s really rare to see that in tennis right now.”

On the loliness of a single sport, he added: “As a shooter in basketball you are spending a lot of time alone in a gym, it’s a child alone in a backyard, alone in a park, working on your craft, doing something repetitively over, over and over again. And that’s how you build your skill set. When you get the competition, you have four other people on the court that I rely on. But there is nothing like tennis.”

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